11 ways to be a mean mom

So this is what I found online one day:

A mean mom…

  1. Tries to get her kids to bed on time on school nights.
  2. Limits the amount of caffeine, sugar, and processed foods her children consume.
  3. Limits the amount of time her kids spend watching TV, playing video games, and surfing the net.
  4. Is true to her word. If she says, “You can’t watch TV until your room is clean,” then you can’t watch TV until your room is clean.
  5. Knows where her kids are at all times—including her teenagers.
  6. Insists on knowing who her kids are hanging out with.
  7. Demands that her children show respect to their teachers and other adults.
  8. Expects her children to do their best.
  9. Screens the movies and music her children want to see and hear.
  10. Disciplines her children, even when it breaks her heart.
  11. Knows that being “mean” will benefit her children in the long run.

Just kidding. That’s bullshit.

Here’s what I would tell anyone who wanted to be a mom one day:

An ACTUAL mean mom

  1. Lies to her child about getting into a prestigious school program because it’s inconvenient for her new boyfriend
  2. Screams at her child until they break down in their room and agree to go to a mental hospital
  3. Reads their child’s text and yells at them if they say something to a friend/parent that she doesn’t like
  4. Refuses to allow their child to eat food if she’s upset with them
  5. Makes the child feel like a burden
  6. Gets mad when she has to drive them anywhere and makes them feel bad the entire drive
  7. Lies about the children’s wants and needs
  8. Tells kids they should be lucky she takes care of them
  9. Mocks her kids’ tastes in TV and movies
  10. Tells them it’s not their choice what other people do to their bodies, i.e. being tickled, poked, or hugged
  11. Uses her kids’ friends as leverage and engages other parents in enabling said behavior.

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