I suppose some folk might have a reason to be jealous of me.

Though I don’t see any particular reason to do so. Jealousy implies that I’m keeping something from you that you want– and the only things that I won’t freely share are things like my home (to an extent), my finances, and a few other material things that I just don’t want to share, sorry!

…because if you do want the things I have that’s not really jealousy. That’s envy. And I’m certainly envious of plenty of people that have never done anything to me, they just have more than I do! I think it’s human nature to be slightly envious of others.

But, while I do believe jealousy is merely a symptom of something else (insecurity, possessiveness, etc), I do find some people embrace their jealoys natures. And sometimes it’s directed towards me. And I don’t particularly like it.

But if you act that way towards me? Don’t be surprised if I consider you a jealous person.

If you aren’t jealous of a woman, maybe don’t act like you are? Because, honestly, a lot of us can’t see the difference.

Just a little friendly word of advice!

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