can you name your harm?

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I was inspired to do this recently by a friend. I’ve shared stories of my personal harm, but I’ve never listed them simply and succinctly. These are not all about the same person who inflicted the harm upon me.

  • You wanted me valued only for my body, not my mind– and that not very much, because you felt no attraction to this body, you thought nobody should.
  • You used me for as long as it was useful to you, and then never bothered to speak to me again.
  • You violated my trust and my munchkins’ well being.
  • When you felt uncomfortable feelings, you went to my best friend and said you could not be romantic with me– but you never told me. Instead, you ghosted me.
  • You stole my things, because you decided you needed them more than I did.

It was not okay.

None of this was okay. It will never be okay.  I forgive you, because that is not about you. That is about me. But I will never, ever let you harm another in that way.

If you can, name your own harm.  Out loud, to another, in a writing.



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