please be her treat

Honey dripping on sexy girl lips from the wooden spoon. Beauty model woman eating honey By Subbotina Anna

Trick or treat, you say?

She chooses treat. She has been tricked enough of late. The petty games, the deceptions. She understands that you may be mischievous, bratty, clever, pick your poison– but for tonight, she asks you to drop all of that and simply be here for her.

Holding her, soothing her. Telling her that she is okay, that everything is okay. She wants to feel you, close to her. She wants your sweetness, first and foremost. The steel cord that laces through your body is real, but there is softness surrounding it.

Please let her have that tonight.

Please be what she needs, not what she wants. She wants to be teased, but she needs to be told that there is beauty and grace in the world. Assure her there is something in this world she can count on, without reservation, without the slightest doubt.

She is soft, you see, too. As much as she is strong. She doesn’t need you to be strong, or perhaps you are, but tonight it doesn’t matter.

Tonight is about your goodness.

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