“always such warmth within your words”

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I shall indulge in a bit of self love.

Should that not be your cup of tea today, feel free to move along. I don’t do this often in my writings, but today I feel like it! Because, I don’t even know why. Because I don’t need a reason.

Someone wrote this to me, today. I wrote them back, and our conversation flowed freely. And they told me how much my words meant to them. I assured them theirs touched me, as well.

Thank you to every friend who sees my words and responds! I hope I never lose my fire within. I hope my words never feel dull or uninspired in any way. I may be awkwardly charming in my words, but it’s seemed to hit home for more than a few.

If I had to write a “Submission is not a gift” piece, I’d end up ruining the whole concept of submission and sending every vanilla person running screaming for the hills. I’ll leave that to others to manage and counteract the millions of toxic ideas thrown at us each and every day. I’ll likely be giving up the bountiful loves and endless scroll of comments triggered by a blatantly click bait status. But that’s okay.

But I love what I write, and I’m told that it shows.

A piece of me is curious what it might be like to write something light and fluff and fun– but I don’t think I could if it wasn’t true to my vision. I suppose I’d have to be funnier, first. Or maybe not. I’ll probably try it, anyway.

If my words come through, even a little, it is worth it. Because someone desperately needs to hear them. Even just one person.

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