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Sounds simple enough. Sharing love. Who would say no to that?

But it’s not so easy to share love in a world where we believe love is a scarce resource. In a world where love is, in fact, rather difficult to find. I never used to understand this. How could love be rare? Love is inside us all, unlimited, as much as we can feel. To the moon and back, I believe, said my childhood books.

Perhaps it is like diamonds. We inflate the value by keeping it away from as many as possible. We make people believe it is precious to obtain, when in reality it is a common resource. Diamonds are cheaper to dig up from the ground than to create in a lab, did you know that?

Love is not only an abundant resource, it multiplies upon itself.

The more love shared in a home, the more love flows outward. Love touches one person and that person takes the love and returns it back tenfold to each and every person surrounding them.

I cannot tell you how to share love. How to discard the scarcity model in regards to love. But I can say that it is possible.

I can tell you that I know it’s hard to share love, when you’re not sure you have enough for yourself. It is as essential as food and water, how can you feel like you can give it away when you can’t feed yourself? But I promise you it works differently. If you take that leap of faith, there is a safety net.

I’m not asking you to throw away your instincts, your hesitancy in trusting a stranger.

Trust is a very different thing than love.But I am asking you to try to give love away at every single chance you have, in the smallest ways or grand gestures. Neither is better than the other. Love thy neighbor, love even the one that hates you (don’t give them trust or confidence or give them one more inch to hurt you than they already manage, but giving love to a miserable person can confuse them more than anything else).

Perhaps I don’t even know how to say this in a way that is “right.” All I know is that giving love has never done me wrong.

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