love isn’t everything

two red glass hearts in open drawer By vvoe

Sometimes love is casual/less/etc.

But it’s still love. It is always, always Love.

Look, I’m not an idiot. I know that not every love will look like the love that sleeps next to me every night. If I have a love that is far from me, that I never/rarely see, that lives in another country. If…so many things. It may very well look different, perhaps not like any love you’ve ever seen in your own life.

But so what? It’s still love.

Love can be partial. Love can be fleeting. Love is no less love, because it is not “everything.”

I may not sound believable. I do, after all, have an “everything” love. I treasure that more than you could possibly imagine.

But I have other loves, too.

I hope you understand they are just as real a love as any other. I hope you respect all my loves, even if you’ll never meet them.

Love is, indeed, sometimes everything. But what love is always is, well, love.

That love is beautiful!

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