“sometimes I feel like, if I could start everything over, knowing what I know now, I’d do it all right this time. But other times, I think, no I wouldn’t.”

A Princess Carolyn line.  A good one, too.

I’d talk less, smile more. Eat more fresh fruit, drink less– no. No, I wouldn’t. I’d do it all the same, more or less.

I’d probably have most of the same virtues and vices. Still waste lots of time. On people and things.

But maybe…. just maybe…

I could get rid of one thing. Well, a few “one things.”

I wish I didn’t give in to my temptation to be angry in front of someone, the very first time! That’s not who I am. I don’t do anger well.  If I don’t do it the first time, I can resist the second time, and the third.  I haven’t “broken the seal.”

So I will give the benefit of the doubt, take a breath, listen to my master’s advice that I can always take the higher road without worrying that I’ll be taken advantage of.

Most of all, I can know that he’ll protect me against anyone who might even try.

Because my life is happier when I am generous and help. That, you see, is who I am.

Why is that lesson so difficult to learn!

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