social media, in its sincerest form, is a mirror of our lives

“Social media isn’t real, anyway,” my friend shrugs.

It’s true. It rarely speaks to our realities. Nobody wants to hear that kind of thing, at least not in that context. Time and place, as with everything.

I do not spill it all on social media. These people are not my therapist. It’s unfair of me to place that on them. But I do not lie, either. My social media is not an accurate assessment, but it is a fair reflection of my reality. A mirror shows the truth, albeit distorted. Not exactly the same thing. Still, a reflection of an elephant won’t show you a pink flamingo.

I look at social media the same way I treat it. I assume the person is being honest. I realize this is often not the case, but I will not presume what I do not know.

If you say, “This has been such a great year!” I will assume you mean it and are happy with how the year turned out. I’ll figure that it wasn’t wholly perfect, but, overall, better than the years before it. Or, at any rate, one of the better ones.

If you say you are thrilled with your relationship with your girlfriend, husband, child, etc, I will assume you are pretty dang happy. Maybe you had some fights, maybe there are some problems. What relationship doesn’t have a few issues? But that doesn’t mean you aren’t super grateful and satisfied with the person.

Social media isn’t the whole picture. But I do believe it is a piece of it.

A broken piece of a gold necklace doesn’t show us what the necklace looks like–but it’s not fool’s gold, either.  Be careful what you choose to share with the world.

The world might just choose to believe you.

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