translating your unicorn into a “shooting star”

Star magic unicorn logo. By s_lena

I lie on the ground, staring at the open sky. Until I see a sharp light flash across the darkness.

A shooting star.

How often have I heard someone talking about a hoped for unicorn?  More than I can speak on.

It’s usually not a bisexual woman into couples, however, but something far rarer.  If you believe that’s difficult, you haven’t dated long enough.  There’s plenty of bi women that desire couples when they’re treated like human beings by said couples.  Still, unicorns exist.  Specifically, the kind of person you are almost certain never to meet (similar to unicorns).

But, hey, want what you want!  It’s not bad to want.  It’s not -always- bad to refuse to settle.

It’s only when it’s the only thing you want that it becomes problematic.

When this one, very specific person becomes all you want.  Maybe then you need to realize that it’s okay to settle for less than everything.  To let go of your obsession.

Perhaps it is your perfect, monogamous experienced dominant.  Or your utterly serviceable submissive, pre-trained, and eagerly awaiting your domly command.  Or…anything at all!

Do I want my dream scenario?  Of course.  I have my own “unicorn” situation in my head.  But I also have a wonderful, beautiful life.  Without my “unicorn.”

I can be unhappy in what I don’t have, or I can choose to fully embrace what I do. I have decided on the latter.

I still want that “unicorn” of mine, but, well, she’s now my elusive creature– my shooting star.

I remind myself, from time to time, that I cannot expect my shooting star may come into my life.  I do not want to spend my life longing, but living.

I think to myself,  Why not keep the impossible in sight?  Just on the off chance I ever do meet her and she joins my life and my master’s?  But I do not worry about it happening.

How many hold a shooting star in their hands, anyway?

It’s a beautiful life down here on Earth.

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