pieces of communication

Communication is necessary.

Communication is the first step.

Communication is not the end all and be all.

You know, it’s not only what you say, but how you say it. It makes me think of a moment when Portia De Rossi’s character speaks to her underlings, I mean, employees, and her right hand man says that he’s not sure she made a lot of sense. “The hair is up, that’s all they hear,” she says. Meaning, her tone conveyed everything she wanted. Which it did.

My littlest munchkin worked up the courage to ask her mother for something she wanted. That is her half of the communication. The other half would be her mother listening. If she did.

I talked to someone a while back. They talked back to me. I thought we were okay. Until she ghosted me. We never communicated, because neither of us got through to the other.

In both cases, I wouldn’t say there was any sort of relationship. Communication facilitates; it does not build a relationship in and of itself. Sometimes you can scream your heart out, but what you think is a shout is barely a scratchy whisper.

Communication is a wonderful first step, though!

I mean, it’s really, really nice. Refreshing. Heartwarming.

It doesn’t mean that it’s enough on its own.

…but goddamn if it isn’t beautiful when it happens! Maybe if we just gave it a shot a little more often, the world would be a little better place.

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