that time they projected perfection on me, aka a twisted honeymoon love

Broken paper heart By TAW4

I try my best to be me when a person first meets me.  Someone I hope to fall in love with one day– these most of all.  Of course I do not reveal my whole self, though I suspect some see it all, anyway. I don’t do it on purpose, though. I do keep a little of me back. But I also don’t lie about who I am.

I guess, though, that’s not always easy for others to understand. Others, who had different life experiences than I have. They feel pressure to say things they don’t mean, or maybe they do see me as “perfect” at first.

But that cannot last.

So when they do see my flaws, perhaps it is a shock. The discrepancy between fantasy and reality.

I don’t think I’ll ever believe that kind of person again. The one that says I am “utterly amazing” and “beautiful” and “worthy of everything,” before they even have a reason to say such things about me.  That was their choice to make.

I chose to allow myself to be flattered.

Not again.

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