living in a heterosexual relationship, as a bisexual being: part one: on being “enough”

… can be exhausting.

Justifying. Explaining. Listening to second hand lies. Of what or who I am, according to those who haven’t bothered to ask me.

I am not queer enough. I am not attracted to enough bodies (why can’t you be pansexual?).  Not loving enough, etc. etc.

I live with a man, I play with other men, therefore that must be all I really want. My relationships with women, especially if I do not parade them in front of strangers, must not exist.

What is the point of having a girlfriend, if I don’t take pictures of us kissing naked, for the amusement of, well, mostly the male gaze? Right. Of course.

Tiring. Just simply tiring.

I choose to move past the noise; be myself; love myself.

As those who love me wish me to live.

I might say more later, but this is enough for now.

Thank you for listening.

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