what do you say, little girl?


“Yes, little one?”
“Daddy, I want to play.”
“What do you say?”
“Daddy, I want to play. Please.”
“Better. Come over here.”
“Okay, daddy.”
“Okay, daddy, thank you.”
“Better. All right, now which game should we play, little one?”
“Hmmm, I want to play hide and seek. I mean, I want to play hide and seek, please. Can we do that one, daddy?”
“Well, yes, but…I think I have a better idea.”
“Oh, daddy?”
“Come closer and feel what I want you to hide. Good girl. Do you think you can hide it all the way? Very, very deep?”
“Oh, yes, daddy, thank you!”
“Now that is a very, very good girl!”

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