when unicorns are unicorn hunting too

I see it constantly. Couples seeking a bisexual woman. “Unicorn hunter!” they scream. It’s annoying behavior, at the very least, especially those who complain how “hard” it is to find a “third.” Please. At worst, the unsuspecting woman ends up used and discarded.

…but that’s not all I see.

I see this kind of woman, usually under thirty, pretty, single. Dime a dozen, like the unicorn hunters. She wants a dominant man, single, worthy of her submission (just like they want a girlfriend, also single), etc etc. Of course experienced, both relationship-wise and kink-wise. Little to nothing about what she has to offer, only about what she wants. Unicorn hunters like to do that, too. Nothing about what they have to give (and shouldn’t they have twice as much?), but only what they want, want, want.

Curiously, many of these pretty, single women desirous of the perfect dominant claim to be bisexual or pansexual. Yet there is never any mention of what they want from a woman (or feminine, non binary). Only what they want *from men.*

I could say she’s lying about being bisexual to gain men’s attention. But what if she’s not? What if she’s just waiting until she has her “man,” to go seek a girl together? I suspect she is a future unicorn hunter. Because there’s one more thing.

Somewhere else on the site, I see another kind of woman. She posts an ad on behalf of her and her boyfriend seeking a woman to join them both.

She has to come from somewhere.

I wonder if there isn’t a connection between the two types.

So, unicorn hunters, do your best (this is neither encouragement, nor condemnation, simple, hey, you do you). But just know this,

You might be unicorn hunting, but, guess what? A lot of them are unicorn hunting themselves, and they don’t want you.  You’re already attached.

So if you wonder why you’re not having a lot of luck, maybe that’s part of the reason.

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