36 things about turning 36: a kitty reflects on her life so far

For my birthday!!!

on loved ones

  1. My life seems suited to multiples of threes…although I am not currently in a triad. But it would be nice ^^
  2. The past does not matter nearly as much as the present and the future. No matter how badly I feel I messed up, my loved ones are right there to forgive me as soon as I show up for them.
  3. Sometimes one needs to ask for what one needs and wants. And listen to what they need and want from you.
  4. Nothing is more important than protecting your loved ones.
  5. I’ve learned the difference between loved ones that hurt you on accident, and patterns of neglect and abuse. It’s not easy when the little ones hurt me, but it’s not the sting of betrayal. That cuts deep.
  6. I hope the circle of loved ones that surrounds me only continues to grow. I don’t know what “enough” looks like, for me, yet.

on happiness

  1. Happiness, if you find how to create it for yourself, should be treasured.
  2. Contentment is a luxury, but happiness is a choice I make every day. Except when I don’t. It happens. It’s not the end of the world.
  3. Curating what I have to what is most valuable to me makes me happier than simply having more.
  4. Writing something every day makes me happy.
  5. Creating new traditions makes me feel productive and comfortable– and that helps my happiness, too.
  6. My happiness is very personal, though helped when I feel loved and supported.
  7. Being silly is critical to my happiness. I cannot afford those who don’t appreciate my silliness as much as my professionalism, competency, etc.

on peace of mind

  1. Birthdays are a wonderful excuse to clear one’s mind and start afresh.
  2. Naked spa days are a necessary part of life.
  3. Doing something for someone else can click me back to reality.
  4. Always take pictures, but don’t worry about losing them.
  5. That being said, it’s nice to be able to have actual photo albums and pictures on the wall to look at in passing, whenever one feels like it.
  6. Watch your favorite movies and read your favorite books whenever you have a moment to spare. It’s never too often.

on maturity and wisdom

  1. Speaking of, WALL-E is still one of the best love stories. Anyone who wants to understand love, platonic, romantic, should watch it.
  2. 35 was definitely not old. Maybe when I reach 40.
  3. Finding out how to (almost) never do dishes is a wonderful life accomplishment envied by many.
  4. Traveling to see friends is just as amazing as traveling to experience far off lands. Even if said friends aren’t -quite- as cute as bouncing penguins.
  5. It really never is too late. Unless you give up.
  6. Cotton candy is still fantastic, although I’m less able to consume pure sugar.

on success and failure

  1. Success ought to be defined far less on capitalism and consumerism. Can we please celebrate things that don’t cost money (i.e. falling in love, raising a child that loves you, making food for your friends) JUST as much as things that do (i.e. getting married, having a baby, acceptance to a college)?
  2. It’s true that failure is never permanent, but neither is success. Gotta accept that and KEEP achieving. That’s life for you.
  3. Small, consistent successes are just as important as big ones.
  4. I have HAD a big success, right? What counts as a big success, anyway?
  5. Feeling successful, when you know it’s deserved, is the best feeling.
  6. Seeing others claim success or feel success when it’s not deserved is annoying– but let it go.

on sexy fun times

  1. You don’t need toys so much as…ummm…creativity.
  2. Kitty is a bit tired right now, but will think of ideas soon, rummages around seeking notes.
  3. Come to think about it, now that she is finally in a better place, thank God!, she needs sexy adventure times FAR more often.
  4. But there’s something to be said for intimate, consistent, and frequent sexy times with someone who knows you inside and out. Especially inside.
  5. Kitty might be a bit more of an exhibitionist than she used to. Feel free to encourage her and take advantage of this! (obviously IF you know her!)
  6. Shall we get started with a few friends who would like to eat sushi off Kitty’s naked body? Hmmmmm?

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