broader form of jealousy, a

Not of a person, but of a whole philosophy.

“Polyamory is an interesting strategy.”
“Polyamory is for people who know life is unstable anyway.”

Fuck that.  It’s true that I know life is uncertain. Whatever I may have can disappear in an instant.

But not them. My chosen family.

The more freedom I give, the more they come back to me. Paradox? Perhaps. The more tightly you grip a person, the more they slip out of your fingers. Reality.

My way of loving is not a “strategy” nor a trend. It is not a futile resignation.  No, it is not for people who “know life is unstable.”  It is for those who know just how stable life can be when you root yourself in many, instead of one.  It is for those who open themselves to a life that bends and adjusts to current situations, like the strength of the reed or the sun.

The deepest bond isn’t a steel chain or trap.

No, the truly deepest bond is a favorite, warm blanket.

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