short history of the unicorn: poly edition, a

Once upon a time, many couples, often heterosexual couples, sought the perfect bi woman

(I’ve heard, in the past, bi men of that sort referred to as ‘pegasus’). Who would never create any jealousy, who would fall in line with their rules, not offer any of her own standards or boundaries, fulfill every sexual fantasy…and, I don’t know. Cook and clean, probably.

…a tad unrealistic, one might say.

These couples were, understandably, frustrated in their searches. Started believing that perhaps non monogamy didn’t work. Or maybe they simply weren’t desirable to anyone but each other. In order to help them understand that it wasn’t them, but the way they were searching, that was the problem, someone, somewhere used unicorns as an analogy…this mythical, wonderful creature that might cure all ailments…but didn’t actually exist in the real world.

So the term was chosen. Because what was sought was something that either didn’t exist, or was so rare that the typical couple would never find her.

…the term has since evolved to mean a “hot bi babe that dates couples.”

But the resentment and distaste towards unicorn hunting, understandably, persists. As it often ended up with the unicorn in question (if the couple managed to find a woman to agree to such terms) hurt and moving on.

And now it’s used as a bit of a joke 🙂

Because a unicorn, after all, isn’t supposed to exist, right?

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