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one lazy afternoon with my girls, OR why i need a ‘safe space’
I show up, mid afternoon, with a bottle of strawberry margarita mix and a box of donuts. I don’t know all these girls. I don’t even know if they are all girls, aside from 1) the assumptions I’ve been conditioned with my whole life that says “This person ‘looks’ like a girl,” and 2) my […]
“do you know the word ‘polyamory’?”, aka kitty meets a kinky friend on the moon
I’ve left civilization God knows how many miles behind me. Headed for the icy depths of the southern tip of the globe- to the place in which all the hot girls prance about in sexy parkas. It’s difficult to imagine a more isolated place in which to meet a friend. But I somehow find connections […]
a kinky review:  montreal fetish weekend!
Location: Rue Ste-Catherine, Montreal, Canada Kinky Rating:  8/10 Date: Labor Day Weekend Will Kitty return?:  Yes! M and I arrive at 2am to the Canadian border.  A suspicious border guard greets us, “Why are you here at so late?”  We answer his questions, whilst avoiding the actual truth (“We wanted to say goodbye to our […]
a kinky review: kitty explores twisted tryst, the gathering!
Location:  A campsite takeover in Indiana Kinky Rating:  9/10 Date:  June 11th-14th (2020) Will Kitty return?  Yes! I’m amused as I enter Indiana, and I’m immediately confronted with a “Hell is REAL/Jesus is REAL” billboard.  I expect this, but what really makes me smile is I read “Hell is REAL” as I cross INTO the […]
when the kitties play: my first all female orgy
As per usual, I begin the evening awkwardly. Sitting on the couch with my vodka cranberry.  By which I mean I began awkwardly.  The particular circumstances vary. I will hate it, I will want to run home, I will think nobody here could ever find me desirable.  This will last approximately half an hour to […]
this one time in an unidentified prudish country…
I’m generally not the type to seek out a kinky relationship.  As in, I need a domme or a rigger or an impact dom.  Is that you?  Great, let’s meet and see if we’re compatible, kink wise.  Now let’s figure out when we can find time to play together on a more or less regular […]