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On the Many Forms of ‘ships do you want to be my first thought? then let’s be willing to be each other’s afterthoughts
  i did choose one
  [my] single life isn’t unhappy
  on demisexuals and “little strings”
  open letter to the married man i haven’t yet rejected, an 
  relationships that are wants, and the relationships that are needs, the
  some of us need to learn to be a “we,” some of us need to learn to be a “me,” and some of us…
  sometimes joys of living with a nesting partner, the
  treating someone like an option that treats you like an option
  unicorns & unicorn hunters, the real story! (hint, it’s not a bi woman who dates couples!)
  “you are the only one that needs to know” (erotica)
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On Life & Love actually, romance isn’t dead
  art of the followup question in relationships, the 
  chasing the ocean, the ocean chases me
  closer look at jealousy, by a very overly confident kitten, a
  company we keep, the
  consent is a conversation, or that time at the gas station my debit card got flagged for fraud
  consent is not the same as enthusiastic consent
  could i live without you?
  don’t tell me to hold out for a hero
  do i want the happily ever after?
  do you ever miss it?
  everybody deserves to be loved, yes, that means everyone
  feelings are valid != feelings are facts
  handling rejection
  happiness is a choice: lessons from my mother
  i didn’t know it was going to be you
  i’d rather not be alone, thank you
  joy and peril of perfection, the
  just because someone doesn’t easily say, “I love you,” doesn’t mean their love language isn’t words of affection
  let me find your beauty
  love as thou wilt
  love isn’t everything
  one twue way of cake baking, the
  perfect plan, the
  please be her treat
  practicing kindness in little ways: a gentle approach to daily life
  prettiness fades, beauty lasts
  real and fake benefits of monogamy and non monogamy
  relationships are a marble statue, not an oak tree
  ruby rule: when you treat people better than you want to be treated, the
  sharing the love
  sigh, some days I really just want to show off my partners!
  spending my twenties finding me
  stay single until— an analysis & an observation
  sweetness of many loves, OR what I love about love, the
  what -exactly- are you waiting for, dear?
  what would you do if i fell in love with someone else?
  when it comes to relationships, sweat the small stuff
  when love is a gift
  when they fall in love with you
  when two robots fall in love: a story about compersion
  why i stay polite to strangers
  why not allow a little more beauty into this world?
  why someone dismisses another’s kind words
  who tells our story?
  you can be my safe place, even if i’m not in love with you
  you’re okay, valentine’s day
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On BDSM & Kinky Kytties awakened by desire (erotica)
  chocolate ice cream, kink, & sex 
  dear people who go to munches and are consequently disappointed
  dr. seuss presents kink: are you kinky in a house? are you kinky with your spouse?
  free play vs. game play: a distilled approach to kink
  i cannot only be a slave
  i crave being owned
  if you give a little a stuffy
  it doesn’t count if it’s a girl (erotica)
  kinkiness of the phantom of the operathe
  meet me in the boiler room (erotica)
  my kinky guardian angel may be a Sadist
  my life as a “middle” (sort of)
  only thing that matters, the (erotica)
  orgasms! a simple guide
  pretty, little kitty
  princess vs little vs kitten; a mixed up fairytale
  rubber duckies aren’t just for littles (& many more things that are for everyone!)
  s/he belongs to you for a reason
  [sub] drop IS an actual thing, thanks
  thank you, master, for capturing my mind
  what a dom wants, what a sub needs
  yes, i’m a submissive, even when i’m sick
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On Polyamory being your metamour
  dear poly “couple,” remember that you started out as secondary, too
  dear unicorn hunters, it’s not unicorn hunting that’s the problem, it’s you
  degree to which we save ourselves or share ourselves: the heart of poly and love, the
  gentle tides of life wash away another layer of sandthe 
  if you want to break up with me, break up with me
  it’s okay to Commit in polyamorous relationships
  metamour is essentially the poly equivalent of an in-law: a brief(ish) analysis, a
  more I water and care for my garden, the more it producesthe 
  no, i don’t want your husband: an explanation of ethical non monogamy
  short history of the unicorn (in poly culture)a 
  things you might want to avoid saying to a polyamorous person (because they might respond honestly)
  three shall be the number of thy counting
  when you’re just a little different from your metamours
  why it’s okay for polyamory to -sometimes- be about sex
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On Kitty’s Percolating Thoughts awww, you think you can make me jealous? that’s adorable
  dear prospective superheroes in hopes of finding their destiny,
  echoism: the quiet sibling of narcissism
  five or six stories running through my head on a loopthe
  i am a time slut
  kitty learns to take a compliment
  love letter to a narcissist, a
  that little spark (erotica)
  me and queen elizabeth at twenty five
  my scars are my erogenous zone
  npc energy: i only talk to people when they talk to me first
  ok, the thing is I actually love “love bombing”
  on the merits of saying, “you’re welcome”

“one twue wayism is the WORST….except when i think it’s fine.”

opposite of blue is aromantic, the


sometimes, it’s not even about the crisis

sweet longings of a piesexual

  things I could have, the
  when I put a whole raw chicken into the oven, my chocolate chip cookies came out tasting funny
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On Empathy & Awareness fear of being you, the
  “It’s so lovely you made a friend,” they say, and I want to say, “…but how do you know that she’s a friend?”
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Kinky, Poly Parenting anger, patience, and chocolate mug cake
  being a “bad mom” is easier AND more fun!
  how to be a great parent AND a fantastic partner

i’m allowed to get upset as a stepmom, too

many looks of the “mommy bod,” the

  memorial day weekend epiphany on labels!
  play games with your child, because you’re both worth it
  you will miss the person you were before you became a mom (or parent) & it’s okay!
  we teach our children to love..and we teach our children to hate
  what i learned as the invisible parent: a conversation with a fellow parent
  “why are there foam acoustic panels on your bedroom walls?” & other solutions for kinksters who are parents
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On Hard Talks self work: believing the one we love
  my narcissists: “but the thing is…”
  my narcissists: can you name your harm?
  my narcissists: casually walking past abuse
  toxic advice rant: “damaged” folk don’t need to be alone
  my narcissists: don’t be the worse version they want you to be
  my narcissists: do we owe reconciliation?
  my narcissists: downward dating spiral
  my narcissists: emotional toxicityon 
  self work: forgiveness culture isn’t bullshit, it’s [my] survival
  my narcissists: harsh realities of sunk costs vs staying with the “one whose been there for you”the
  my narcissists: her web of lies: a story of caution, aka putting my past behind me
  hard thoughts: how I knew which victim to believe
  hard thoughts: how to avoid a cheater
  my narcissists: i don’t hate you enough to give you what you wanted
  my narcissists: i don’t want her to be one of the broken ones
  my narcissists: i thought she said sorry
  toxic advice rant: if they are the -only- one for you, they might also be the very worst for you
  hard thoughts: if they want you, they want you; if they don’t, they don’t
  self work: is all damage “good damage”?
  my narcissists: it isn’t up to her, OR waking up to a bright new day
  self work: it’s harder to disappoint the ones that love you than you think

toxic advice rant: it’s so hard to make [insert name of group] happy– wait, no it fucking isn’t

hard thought: lessons on “green flags”: pt 1: when someone isn’t who you think they are

hard thought: lessons on “green flags: pt 2: how do you know if it’s real?

  self work: love isn’t always consensual but it can be ethical
  my narcissists: mother’s day is bittersweet for me
  hard thoughts: mutually assured destruction based relationships are my #1 hard limit
  toxic advice rant: plight of the straight, female, mono submissive: part 1: dear pretty, mono girl
  toxic advice rant: plight of the straight, female, mono submissive, part 2: where have all the good (monogamous) doms gone?
  toxic advice rant: plight of the straight, female, mono submissive, part 3: congratulations, you found your perfect
  toxic advice rant: reevaluating, “abused people, abuse people”
  hard thought: seeing them for who they are shouldn’t ruin them
  my narcissists: she gave me a view from halfway down
  my narcissists: some days i wish for the strength of a misguided strength
  self work: stop getting offended– and start being accountable
  self work: stupid piece of shit; a reflection on my inner voices
  toxic advice rant: to those who say, “you’ll find them when you stop looking”
  my narcissists: trust isn’t necessary to be a fucking decent person
  self work: your emotional burdens are not mine, but i will still listen
  toxic advice rant: “you’re TOO nice!”
  hard thought: watching the (almost) birth of an incel
  my narcissists: watermelon thoughts
  my narcissists: what am i willing to lose?
  toxic advice rant: when abuse is the only kink someone knows
  self work: when hate is too much, try indifference
  hard thought: when they tell you they’re fine
  toxic advice rant: why i don’t “push” past the no (or try not to!), a.k.a. attempting not to be a hypocrite
  toxic advice rant: why I won’t stop listening to “both” sides
  self work: women2women: womenfolk (or femme presenting) are not your competition
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Conversations with Kitty conversations with a poly, kinky kitten: part one: dealing with the “how long have you been in the lifestyle”
  conversations with a kinky, poly kitten: part 2: “I want to be your friend, but I’m scared of it turning into more…”
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Adventures at Home & Abroad! a kinky review: kitty explores twisted tryst, the gathering!
  a kinky review: montreal fetish weekend!
  “do you know the word ‘polyamory’?”, aka kitty meets a kinky friend on the moon
  one lazy afternoon with my girls, OR why i need a ‘safe space’
  this one time in an unidentified prudish country…
  when the kitties play: my first all female orgy


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A Kinky Life eight years later, or how I grew with those I love
  existential threat of a kinky, flirty, polyamorous mastermind unicorn, the 
  kitty’s journey: part one, the 
  kitty’s journey: part two, the 
  kitty’s journey: part three, the 
  living with a kitten: part one
  living with a kitten: part two
  living with kitten: part three
  my kinky life is great….but….
  pride in being owned, my
  three months
  today i found my dart set
  today i had breakfast
  words that corrupt the kitten, mind, body, soul, the
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Kitty Does Relationships i like her, but i have issues with her daddy
  managing feelings of guilt as a “single secondary”
  scheduling poly dating life and childcare: how do you make them both work?
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Kitty Plays Therapist 11 ways to be a mean mom
  Have weird guilt fetish and want to confess to something I didn’t do, to keep a partner I’m not sure…
  lady whose future husband will leave her for someone who makes his heart flutter in ways he simply never dreamed of/ man who found himself having drinks with his coworker who turns out to be the true love of his life and will fulfill all his hopes/dreams/desires, the
  my son might be seen in public with people that aren’t his spouse! help!

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