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“always such warmth within your words”
“jenny’s wedding” & why i am not entirely happy about the legalization of same sex marriage
“this seems like an exciting time for you” and other awesome alternatives to “that sounds complicated”
“would you like a slice of pie?”
**PRIDE** coming out is something I do every day— but not for every one
basketful of diamonds, a
be with me
because erasure is fun!
choose to be kind in an unkind world
dear former self: why being “selfish” can sometimes be selfless
diane from bojack horseman: “but mostly, it’s just the famous people, right?”
difference between safe words & hard limits, the
dominance & submission: two sides of the same coin
domme you may not have heard about, the
don’t love yourself? try to love someone else.
fake relationships are actually quite satisfying
fantasy life must be oh, so amazing, the
how kink changed my identity in ways vanilla life never did
how to earn a child’s respect (spoilers)
how to relationship: GoT edition
how to save a life
how’s all that winning treating ya?
i am a loser
i don’t hate you, i love you
i don’t know you, but i think i love you: the beauty of casual love and NRE
i don’t pity unicorn hunters
i don’t “sign up” for anything but memberships
i don’t think they’re “doors”
i include love in my relationships (in my back pocket)
i’d like you to be my biggest cheerleader, but i NEED you to be my biggest critic
i judge your username, OR 5 simple reasons you might be ruining your chance at getting a response from a woman
i love you as antony loved cleopatra
i might be mary poppins
i wanna be somebody to someone (but i don’t want to work for it)
i’m underrepresented, but i’m not “marginalized”
if i wanted to date a perfect (ly boring) body, i’d date a sex bot
if you seduce me under false pretenses, why, i’m so sorry you troubled yourself
kitty, aka “the inherent contradiction”
a kitty’s guide to meeting kinky folk: part 1, munches are awesome
knowing my beauty
let’s get married, because i want a big party
longevity isn’t always the goal
message to my friends, don’t give up when things are going WELL, either!, a
my love isn’t sacred
my relationship manifesto
my sex manifesto
my tribe is my lifeblood– and i highly encourage you to get one of your own
no, i won’t give you my whole cookie!
no, we don’t (all) need to be better parents
no, you can’t help those who don’t want to help themselves
oh, you want to be my friend? thanks, and fuck you, too
our many masks
princess jasmine decides to not trust aladdin; a tale of risk tolerance
really, now, THAT’S where we’re going with this? ***Eternals spoilers!!!***
sharing Google calendars
show me something different
social distancing with your polycule
sometimes you’re not enough
thank you for not abandoning me when i lied to you
threesomes, are they for you???: how to have a successful, non fantasy threesome: part one
top 8 places to find a unicorn!
ugly people aren’t broken or missing pieces
unsaturated kink roles in the kink community
value of friendship, the
we remember feelings, not events
we’re our choices, not our destinies
welcome to the club, curvy girl
what does marriage mean?
what is kink?
what is poly?
what we hear when you say “what are you looking for?”
when pro dommes become the only dommes
when you’re the dessert, not the main course
when your friend objects to going to munches
why i strive to be the eternal optimist
why use a label?