second choice is actually pretty damn good

Vegas Golden Knights are killing it,

and I’m excited because, well, I’ve never had a team before, not locally. Plus, I’m starting to get into hockey this past decade. So when a new team arose like a phoenix, burning a path behind it, well, cool! They’re even better now than before, when they were comprised entirely of 2nd line picks.

Eichel is their star player. He wasn’t the first draft pick in 2015. That was Connor McDavid. Eichel was No. 2. The Sabres complained when they didn’t get McDavid, but they got Eichel (Oilers got McDavid). Then he (Eichel) got injured. He wanted a certain surgery, but the requirements said that the Sabre management had to approve. They wanted him to get another type of surgery. Fight dragged on, and eventually Eichel was traded over to Vegas. Nobody knew if he’d ever play again, certainly not to his old levels. Vegas approved the surgery he wanted…and the rest is history. Vegas beat Edmonton, led by their captain Connor McDavid, 4-2 in the West 2nd round.

Justice Byron R. White announced his retirement March 20 1993. President Bill Clinton nominated Ginsburg as an associate justice of the Supreme Court on June 22, 1993. Three months. I can’t remember where I read how many choices he had- including Stephen Breyer who he later appointed to replace Blackmun- but she wasn’t the first choice. Maybe tenth?

Edit:  And they won!  The Stanley Cup.  A bunch of “seconds.”  Then come back, banners blazing, to take the most wins in a streak for a reigning Stanley Cup Champion.  Take that world.

I’m rarely someone’s second choice, as is the case with us all.

We’ve most of us had past loves, current loves– that is life.  We don’t always meet as virginal innocents, nor would I want that for myself.  His ex is nicely miserable in a hell of her own choosing.  Would I want to be her?  Of course not.

And, if I may be blunt, I have many connections today that don’t come close to second priority.  My friends, casual partners.  My family will always come either first or second in my life (depending on the person, the circumstance, what I need to dedicate to myself as my very first priority).  Everyone else?  Comes after.  As I come after to them.  It doesn’t make me less valualbe as a human being, anymore than it makes them less valuable.  Being second is an honor.  

…I made my own choices. I have my problems, as who doesn’t, but I live a beautiful life many can only dream of.

Being first is nice.

Being second for someone?  Is far better than what most people get from that person.

And being second is awesome place to be.

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