consequences if you cannot accept your child

If you cannot accept your child for who they are, that is your issue. Not some scapegoat of your choosing. Not your child’s.  If you cannot accept them, they will find someone who will.

If you make it clear you do not approve of their wants, their desires, their choices? Well, if it’s something small and petty? They’ll let it go. Children push boundaries to see how far they can.  If it is important? Oh, that is a very different story.

Oh, they might pretend for a little while.  They will pose with you in the family photos. They will attend whatever weddings you drag them along to- it’s free food and a free new outfit.  They will sit beside you in the bleachers at high school games; perhaps they will even accept a hug and a kiss on the cheek from you without visible disgust.

And when they grow the confidence they need to escape you,

if their child mind is mature enough to keep them from doing something very stupid when they are still very young and stupid,

If they survive,

They will never speak to you again.

I promise you this.

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