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i like her, but i have issues with her daddy
Dear Kitty, I find myself in a difficult situation and I am not sure what to do. Recently I met a girl on social media. We were in a group together and I asked her if I could DM her and she DMed me. The connection was instant and intense. Conversation just flowed naturally, deep […]
scheduling poly dating life and childcare: how do you make them both work?
Dear Kitty, My wife and I had a difficult time with scheduling and childcare this weekend. At one point, she said, “It hurts my feelings that you don’t think my time with my romantic partner is more important than your plans to [just] go to a play party.” Frankly, I felt slut shamed by the […]
managing feelings of guilt as a “single secondary”
Dear Kitty, I’m in a relationship with a poly partner. I’m not sure he would agree as he cites how significant I am to him, but I’d class his wife as his primary and myself as a secondary, however his relationship with his wife is not a romantic one so I’m not sure whether I […]