Relationship advice from the Internet– RE-ANSWERED by Kitty in a kink & poly friendly way!

Warning! Kitty is NOT a professional therapist.
Have weird guilt fetish and want to confess to something I didn’t do, to keep a partner I’m not sure I really want…Help!
Dear Kitty, Soon after my boyfriend had moved into my apartment with me, our relationship started to go down hill, and I realized I didn’t want to be with him. When the pandemic hit, I was still working in the office. I would come home to my partner drunk. He never cleaned and disrespected my […]
dear lady whose future husband will leave her for someone who makes his heart flutter in ways he simply never dreamed of/ man who found himself having drinks with his coworker who turns out to be the true love of his life and will fulfill all his hopes/dreams/desires,
This post inspired by reading this relationship advice article from the Atlantic, “Should I Leave My Wife for Another Woman?” Feel free to read the comments on Facebook, too. Ah, what a lovely story. Girl meets Boy. Boy is sorta into Girl. Girl thinks, Well, he’s probably good enough and I guess I’ll love him […]
dear kitty:  my son might be seen in public with people that aren’t his spouse!  help!
DEAR ABBY: I am extremely upset. My son got married a year ago. We were very happy and have welcomed his wife into our family. He met us for lunch yesterday and announced that he and his wife have a polyamorous relationship. They will stay married, but both of them will date and have long-term […]