do i want the happily ever after?

I’ve never had that overwhelming life defining moment.

Things just kept happening. That was all. I’ve never had the wedding day, nerve wracking graduation (yes, I graduated, but just bachelor’s, nothing special), or the birth of my child.

I’ve had very good days and very bad days. Or I’ve had days I floated on my own, personal cloud nine. Others where I couldn’t get out of bed. Or a happy-ish medium between the two.

But mostly it was just life moving along.

A lovely play party with friends. A warm, silly family dinner. A morning taking sexy pictures with my friend. Honestly, it all makes me happy.

A part of me thinks, I would be fine if all the pettiness in my life simply disappeared. No cinematic moment. Just me and the people in my life keeping going and doing what we need or want. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Another part envies those with the dramatic meltdowns transitioning to a clear cut distinctive WIN. A happy ending and cut to credits, preferably with some powerful after credits song.

But what would that mean?

I think, when it comes down to it, I’ll have to create my own version of happily ever after. Not a moment, but the beginning of the rest of my life.

And it will be completely, utterly amazing!

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