whatever you celebrate, happy holidays to you!

I say, “Happy Holidays.” I don’t do this to virtue signal. I don’t do it for ulterior motives, or a way to secretly destroy the Christmas spirit. I say this because I celebrate, well, the holidays. I know, there’s more than one. It’s a radical concept.

It’s a lot faster to say, “Happy Holidays,” than recite every single holiday I personally recognize as I pass a stranger in the mall.

I do love Christmas. It isn’t my favorite, though. My favorites are Thanksgiving and the Winter Solstice. Because of my chosen family, I celebrate the Jewish holidays, as well.

I’m the sort of person that happily takes most excusese to take a day to celebrate and reflect. Yes, even you, Valentine’s Day.

We all have days that are special to us. Even if they are not recognized universally. Maybe you like National Popcorn Day (resists urge to Google if there is a Popcorn Day; you don’t have to Google every single random thought, Kitty).

Let’s take this season to be kind and embracing- as humanly possible, while understanding that cruelty and ignorance need not always be rewarded or forgotten– towards our fellow human and non human friends alike.

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