i don’t think they’re “doors”

They say when life closes a door, another one opens.

I’m not so sure I believe this. Do you remember that bit from Ice Age where Scrat is precariously attached to the ice cliff and trying to keep the water from gushing out? He keeps sticking his hands, nose, whatever he can…but every time he plugs up a hole, the water pressure simply finds another outlet?

It was a funny little bit. I loved those movies. Pixar was totally my favorite over Disney. Back when Pixar wasn’t Disney. Or maybe I’m getting that wrong. That’s not the point. The point is this:

I think that is what happens when so called doors close.

Because it doesn’t really make sense if you think about it. If I close one door, why would another magically open? That’s not how doors work. But if you think about it in terms of pressure, well, that’s another matter.

If I plug one hole (hehe), the pressure has to come out somewhere else, right? Opportunities are just release for one’s energy. If something stops me, but I maintain the same pressure, it must find another way. And, voila, it does!

So, please, don’t worry that closing a door will ruin your chances.

It’s nothing more than a change of pace. You might think there’s no reason for another door to open. If it were a door, you’d be correct. But it will, because it’s not really a door.

It’s the pressure. Trust me, the universe will open up in other ways for you! I cannot tell you how, nor when. But it will happen.

Only make sure you maintain the pressure.

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