i love you as antony loved cleopatra

i love you

with the unending undying unbreakable emotions piercing through my being
i love you as antony loved cleopatra
i love the way you swish your hair.

the way you clink your drink against an imaginary glass–
and i know, we just met. like 35 minutes ago.
and, yes, I’ve heard that song— no, please don’t call me.  i don’t think you’re the one i’ve been waiting for, unless, was it you in the women’s restroom earlier? then you might have been the one I was waiting for.
i want to breathe your wisdoms in, talk to you for another 35 minutes. or 24 hours.

while we talk till the morning wakes the rest of the world
while we exchange intimacies over coffee and dunkin donuts
while we love each other, as if we’ll lose each other

because we don’t wonder, we know we will
we’ll forget each other by yesterday

just promise me that in five years, when we stumble upon each other at your favorite jazz club that is also the club that my coworker’s cousin’s sister in law’s best friend from middle school is performing at this evening,

we can smile at each other and relight our love

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