if you give a little a stuffy

If you give a little a stuffy,

she’s going to ask for a big, soft blanket.

If you give her a big, soft blanket,

she’s probably going to want to take a nice nap.

If you let her take a nice nap,

she’s going to want you to tuck her in.

If you go to tuck her in, 

she’s going to ask for a bedtime story, maybe two or three,

so you’ll go get one of your books to read.

She’ll want to see the pictures.

when she sees the pictures,

she’ll probably want to draw one of her own, so you’ll need to get paper and crayons.

When she draws her own picture,

she’ll want to hang it up on the fridge.

looking at the fridge will make her realize she’s hungry, so she’s going to want a snack.

When you find some chocolate chip cookies,

she’ll want a glass of milk to quench her thirst.

When she finishes her chocoate chip cookies and milk,

she’ll be sleepy from gobbling so many cookies,

so she’s going to want a nap.

When she goes to take a nap,

she’ll want her big, soft blanket.

and if she gets her big, soft blanket,

She’s going to want her stuffy, too.

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