if you seduce me under false pretenses, why, i’m so sorry you troubled yourself

If you seduce me under false pretenses,

Tell me sweet nothings

Hold me through the night

Whisper, I love you

Play games with me (but only the fun kind)

Spend time with me, walk with me

And then, after two weeks, three months, or ten years, to jump out from behind your mask, shouting,

“Hah, fooled you! I was only pretending to be friendly with you so you’d have sex with me!”

Allow me to respond with,

“Thank you for your time, I wish you well.”

Thank you for the sweet nothings.

The sound sleeping through the night.

The loving words.

The fun times we had.

The time we spent together, the brisk walks with oatmilk honey lattes.

And, fuck me, but I enjoyed that, too! Thanks for the orgasms. Don’t feel bad for that being your only motive to giving me everything else you did. I would have spent that month with you for that alone. Just like I bought that game bundle for Hollow Knight. The rest of the games were nothing more than a nice bonus.

I’m not the one who wasted the two weeks, three months, or ten years.

I’m with you, because of this moment, and the one before it, and the one after it. I never count on forever, because forever isn’t promised to anyone. Not by the one that decides these matters, call it God, the spiritural being, or fate.

But, hey, it was nice of you to waste them on me. Though I might suggest you learn your lesson and value your time as more precious than that. Next time, you may not be so lucky as to find someone who appreciates that gift of yours.

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