KinkyCast Features Kitty St. Valentine’s newly released book, “Awakened”: Podcast Version

#SE – Kitty St. Valentine – Madilynn York – Awakened

“Submission takes many forms. Sometimes it’s strict, Gorean protocol. Sometimes it’s complicated “scenes” with rope, fire, wax, and an array of scary looking – particularly to the untrained eye – implements. It’s not always passive, but it’s not always complicated. —- Sometimes it’s just eating a waffle with strawberry jam.”

So says Anna, a Kitten searching for home, love, and happiness. She travels the Tarot cycle from the Fool to the Sun to the World— and along the way finds her affinity for strong men, beautiful women and yummy dessert inexorably leads to something more than a relationship. And that the ties that bind are deeper than anything she has been taught before.

She travels the full Tarot cycle from the Fool to the Sun only to learn that the most durable binds are ones we create for ourselves.

Available today on Amazon (here)

View the podcast HERE!

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