kitty & master life: part four

I cannot sleep, as per usual.  Well, usual enough.  My mind jumps and darts in a million directions.  Naturally, I begin to play with myself.

From the other side of the bed, a voice tells me, “Now.”  I jerk in response, my fingers instinctively quickening in pace.

“C’mon, kitten,” his voice slips across the sheets.  “You can do this for me.”

My mind floats, my fingers rub furiously.  He clamps my body between his legs, and pulls me towards him.  I move my fingers expertly on my body, and I come, again, and again, and again.  Until I’m convulsing so hard, I cannot think.  I cannot do anything but come!

Finally, I lay back.  Exhausted, spent.  His arms are warm and firm and make me feel safe.

…and I fall asleep, knowing I am his.

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