hidden life of a Very Cherished Toy, the

“Ah,” she thinks, “is it my turn?”

She pouts when she realizes it is her fellow toy’s turn. It isn’t fair, she thinks, they got used only yesterday! It ought to be her turn, tonight.  Lady is going out of order.

Is it because I am too worn out, she ponders.  It is true she isn’t as shiny and new her first day down from the shelves.  Her tresses are frayed, her heavy end is worn down on one corner. Why would anyone want to play with a dusty, old thing like herself?

In the early days, Lady picked her up once, if not twice!, a day. Lady’s eyes twinkled whenever she looked her way. Ah, she could tell that night would be a good night, whenever her Lady’s mischievous glance landed upon her form. At the end of a night of pure, decadent pleasure, Lady carefully and lovingly cleaned her.  She was lifted to her special spot on her shelf.

She loves being used, craves it! After all, what was a toy with no purpose? Just another decorative object, left about the home.  What would happen if that happened to her? A chill ran down her spine. She couldn’t bear the thought. She needed to be smacked around like a good, little toy!

No, no, she is okay. It will be okay. Lady loves her, she does. She is Lady’s most treasured possession, She has so often said so while stroking her lovingly.

Patiently she waits, when oh! Lady picks her up, too! They shall both be used tonight! What a night this will be!

Thank God for small mercies and very, very, VERY patient toys!

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