little play on the lake, a

Swish, she flings her perfect creamy legs out in front of her, then swish back again. If I can stay here forever in this perfect moment, she thinks. He is watching her, she knows, but she is not ready to come in. She keeps swinging in perfect rhythm.

The soft pink and gold glow sinks below the lake. She will not come until the light fades, she thinks, nodding her head firmly.

Swish, her body is illuminated in the sun’s falling light. Her locks cascade down her back. Her tresses catch between her posterior and the tire swing. She yanks her hair loose, pulling her skirt tight up against her ass. Hmmm, perhaps a bit of fun, she wonders.

Again she moves herself forward, but this time she pulls herself up on the rope just enough to pull her skirt up entirely. The rough edges of the tire bite her ass satisfyingly. She senses his gaze upon her. With a single flourish, she yanks the sun dress over her head exposing herself completely.

Swish, swish, she wants to be sure he sees her stretched in her full glory.
She adores her body, its curves, scars, softness. She leans backward, arching her back, her nipples fully erect. Before she laughs and slips out from the tire into the lake.

As she surfaces, she sees him from the cabin window. His favorite implement is already in hand. Damnit. So much for trying to be the one in control. She shivers, but isn’t sure if it’s from the cold or anticipation.

The sky breaks open and water pours down. She’d be drenched, if she were not already soaked. She hadn’t even noticed the clouds.

Still shivering, she pulls her wet dress around herself. Totally worth it, she smirks.

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