long overdue pleasure, a

Ouch, stupid her, leaving a stray Lego piece on the floor. She could not do a single thing right today. What was she now? Without him, she felt lost, falling apart. She picked up the Lego piece. Only toy she’d bothered with lately. She hadn’t so much as touched herself in a month.

She glanced outside. No snow. An old red kite had got trapped up in the high branches of an oak tree. As if she’d even think of trying to retrieve it now. Too cold, and with her luck right now she’d fall. She did not need that complication.

Had she even eaten today? She hadn’t any appetite. She picked up a small mandarin orange from the kitchen counter. She could manage that, yes.  Practically like eating candy, but fruit is healthy, right? Peeling the little fruit, she placed a slice in her mouth, feeling the sweetness drip down her throat.

Suddenly, she shifted herself up onto the cold granite counter. Lifting her skirt around her waist, she ran her fingers up a tried and true pathway, pinching hard where her skin was most tender. She gasped at the delight of the pain.

Her fingers moved quickly, expertly. She did this for him, she could do this for herself. Her own sweetness ran down her thighs. Come for me, she whispered, and her body jerked in response as the first orgasm tore through her entire self. Again, and again, and again. She lost count of the number, of the time. Until finally, she lay there, spent.

Warmth, ultimate warmth, suffused her body and flushed her face. She felt as if she were on fire, too hot for clothing as she ripped it off her body.

She lay, still, absorbing the chill of the granite. I think I might actually be hungry, she thought, smiling.

Outside, the first snow of the year began to fall.

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