no, i won’t give you my whole cookie!

No, I won’t give you my whole cookie! 

Call me spoiled, a little, a brat.  Do as you please.  I am not going to feel bad for only give you part of my cookie. This is my only cookie. It’s very special to me.

I don’t want to give you 100%!  

I don’t want to give you everything or be your everything!

I don’t want to spend every waking moment with you!


Okay, so you need more.  Somehow, some way.  I don’t even know that you know what that means.  You won’t tell me.  You think I should just know, intuitively, but I don’t.  I think I’m giving, or at least offering, quite a lot.

Maybe I’m wrong. I’m offering you affection, a listening ear, adventures, quality time with just the two of us, just to list a few– everything I’ve been told is good and meaningful in a relationship PLUS a few extras.

Is that not enough to want to spend some intimate time with me? Give me a bit of commitment and priority? I’m not even asking for your whole cookie; it isn’t as if I’m being a hypocrite.

Do you need every last crumb of mine?

If you do, I’m sorry.  I feel bad.  But I can’t do it.  I can’t give you all of my cookie.  I need a little bit that’s just mine.  I am very good at sharing.  I’m one of the best!  But sharing doesn’t mean taking everything from me, does it?

Although it’s funny that you accepted such a little crumb from the last person to whom you gave your whole cookie and they just consumed it and left you empty…but a quarter of MINE, upfront, isn’t enough to merit anything at all from you. But, anyway, that’s irrelevant and I shouldn’t have mentioned it.

I won’t give you more, just because you demand it.  I will give you exactly much as I CHOOSE to give.  I might give someone else a bigger piece of my cookie.  That is my right.  You don’t like it?  

Fine.  Find someone else.  I’m not losing anything.

…oh, you left.  That’s sad.  Now I’m sad.  But— at least I have this yummy cookie. And these other lovely people with whom to share that delicious delicacy.

*takes a deep breath and recovers*

Yes.  I still have my cookie.  Plenty of it.  And I always will, because, let me reiterate for those in the back:

I. Will. Never. Give. You. My. Whole.



(Yes, this is what happens when I let my “little” out…don’t worry, she’s worked herself up into a state of exhaustion and is now happily napping.)

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