nobody could take Him away from her

…nobody, but nobody, could take this moment from her.

She sank into his arms at the end of another drawn out day.  Why would someone want to hurt her like that?  She didn’t understand.

“You know I will never abandon you,” His words poured into her being.  She knew, of course she knew, but the words refreshed her like a cool drink on a boiling day.

She looked backwards into her mind.  All the memories, the security, the fulfilled promises.  She thought about a sultry, moonlit night on the beach with him, and a beautiful woman with masses of dark tresses–  but her nostalgia was abruptly interrupted.

“Now.”  His command jerked an orgasm out of her before she could catch her breath.  Damn.  “Focus on the moment, on the present.”  She was terrible at that, always lost in the past and future.  Silly, little kitten.  The now is what matters.

Wetness already dripped down her thighs.  Fuck.  She needed him, craved him.  His rough, demanding hands, mouth, his deep thrusts that convulsed her entire body.  She, of course, spread on the sheets, naked as (almost) always.  Awaiting his desire.  Until he spoke the word, then she pulled herself on top of him.

She rode his strength, over and over again.  Cascading orgasms that drenched his cock and chest.  She arched her back as pleasure overcame them both.  She gripped the mattress harder, her eyes closed, but knowing he was taking in every inch of her with his gaze.  A tiny bit of her wondered, Do I look pretty enough? but she shoved that thought away and allowed only her ecstasy to take hold of her mind.  Almost as if from far away, she heard his grunts and moans.  Her own moans intermingled with his.  Ugh, but she loved how he sounded as she rode him!

Until, finally, she begged him, “Please, master, I can’t take any more, please come!” and he released himself inside of her, a hard upward thrust.  And both collapsed once more on sweaty sheets and pillows.  Nothing but the sound of their breathing to break the stillness.

This moment, in the dark, this could never be stolen.

It was all she needed.

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