oh, I keep falling in and out of love with you…and you…and you…

I am in love with Love.

When you’re someone who adores, breathes Love. When love is more precious than any diamond. When all you want is to feel safe, warm, and full of light.

It is a painful world we live in that has trouble wrapping their mind around this. I’ve heard (true quote), “I mean why make one woman unhappy when you could make a few of them miserable?” “I don’t see the appeal of sharing one’s sandwich mid bite.” (this one was mind blowing, said by the kind of person who thinks a girl’s virginity is like a lollipop, I imagine, as taught by Mississippi sex education. Who wants to lick a used lollipop?)

I want to see the world in terms of Love and Beauty and Harmony. Loving and committing to my master is a beautiful thing…

…that’s precisely why I want more of it.

I want to be in Love with you, because I am in Love with Love. Cheesy, perhaps. But true.

Love is neither a hunger nor a blade for me. It is beauty made tangible. Something I can feel, taste, pour down my throat. A very fine wine, perhaps the finest.

One might say I love too easily. I do tend to rush in, sometimes to a fault. I can acknowledge and work on this. But I’ve got plenty of other flaws to fix up first.

I wish to know you, you see, and that means I will very likely fall in love with you.

If only for a while.

If only a little bit.

But for as long a moment as we both shall share!

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