Ever wonder how polyamorous families manage it?  Or how one lives a kinky life WHILE making the time for family and responsibilities?  I don’t know how “normal” families do it, but I do know this!

what i learned as the invisible parent: a conversation with a fellow parent
“So how are things these days,” she says. And she is sincere in the question. So I talk to her. Some things are amazing, wonderful, even nearly unreal and euphoric. Sure, it’s a tough time for us all these days– but the truth is my life is better for the quarantine than it was even […]
we teach our children to love..and we teach our children to hate
Something I saw from a friend, We teach our littles to be strong, we teach them to be brave, we teach them to get up when they fall and never give up on something they want. But there is a moment, it’s coming for all of us, where they walk confidently away from you. They […]
how to be a great parent AND a fantastic partner
“[My] kids come first in everything…We live and breathe for our children. When they are grown and have families of their own then we will have our time together again….No exceptions. I love my children far more than I love my husband!” “We raise our children to become independent, to leave us and make their […]
“I don’t play with my children,” she says. I don’t owe them all my time. I don’t have patience for their mindless games. It’s not my job to entertain them, this is why I provided them siblings. They can play with each other. She believes this to be a fair way of thinking. I cannot […]
my family (mostly) knows what’s important
Would I like to let my family know everything about me? All my dalliances, my loves, my adventures? Would I like to casually mention about the girl I met at a munch last week,
what would you do if i fell in love with someone else?
ask your partner what they would do if you fell in love with someone else on that first date, lying on the grass in the park
no, i won’t give you my whole cookie!
No, I won’t give you my whole cookie!  Call me spoiled, a little, a brat.  Do as you please.  I am not going to feel bad for only give you part of my cookie. This is my only cookie. It’s very special to me. I don’t want to give you 100%!   I don’t want […]
no, i don’t need to share my Google calender, tyvm
I’m a fresh faced Kitten, with newly opened eyes, emerging into the poly community (my first alternative community). Well, these people know what they’re talking about! First time I’ve heard anyone have any common sense when it comes to romance (and, no, their common sense does not force you to have even one romantic partner, […]
memorial day weekend epiphany on labels!
Labels are such an annoying little fact of life. Some days, it feels like no label means anything.  “Everyone” says labels merely mean what a person wishes the word to mean.  Which means many are diluted the the point of vaguely lemon tasting lemonade.  Sounds tasty, no? I’m funny in that I believe the purpose […]
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