Polyamorous, monogamous, platonic, romantic…what makes a relationship “tick”?  What kinds of relationships exist?  Relationshipping at it’s best (or at least my best, take it for what you will!)

“you are the only one that needs to know”
She wears tight red dresses, six inch heels. She looks at you like she’s looking through you. Diamond nails to scratch your back till it bleeds. She picks– him. She knows he’s too weak to ever leave. But he wants what she has to offer, she sees that in his eyes. Why wouldn’t he? His […]
my tribe is my lifeblood– and i highly encourage you to get one of  your own
I suppose I’m extra reflective these days. Something, at any rate, brought this to the forefront of my mind. How sometimes people ask (me) if other people should be polyamorous. Now, before you go, “But why wouldn’t you want to increase your dating pool?,” let me please say: “God, no!” No, I don’t want you […]
fake relationships are actually quite satisfying
I think I want a fake relationship. I mean, I don’t know. But every time I hear about a “real” relationship, teensy little shivers flee up and down my spine. A “real” mom? A “real” parent? A “real” love of my life? No, thank you. If you need a “real” relationship, I’m likely not for […]
i don’t pity unicorn hunters
I have a brief history of the term “unicorns.”  This is a larger scale complaint. The truth is, unicorn hunting extends far beyond monogamous-couples-opening-up-to-find-the-perfect-amiable-bi-girlfriend-with-no-expectations-and-desires-of-their-own. Unicorns exist beyond polyamory, doncha know? I don’t care which unicorn you are going after.   Could be the mythical, impossible bi girl that is equally into you and your primary […]
if i wanted to date a perfect (ly boring) body, i’d date a sex bot
Kitty must confess. She has set her sights on someone for very shallow reasons. With no intention of understanding their mind, their curiosity, their intellect. Just wanting them for their raw sexual appeal. But not often. I am not sure I am so odd in my views on pretty girls and pretty boys. Do you […]
princess vs little vs kitten; a mixed up fairytale
The Princess She stamps her foot and says, “I am here, and I will not be quiet.” She wishes her domain run with a certain discipline. A certain grace breezing across her lands (or at least her side of the bed.) She does not care for chores, especially doing dishes, and she doesn’t like to […]
when pro dommes become the only dommes
I wrote about one kind of domme, the other day. But I also have frustration with the other sort that, well, dominates the media. The Dominatrix. Powerful, whip cracking, latex clad. When most vanilla folk think of dommes– from every observation I’ve gathered, though I may be wrong– they picture Angelina Jolie from Mr. and […]
open letter to the married man i haven’t yet rejected, an
To the married man to whom I will one day say “no,” Thinking on the wonderful love between the Professor, Wonder Woman, and the Wife, I thought about how troublesome it can be for couples to find their magical unicorn. Alas, dear married man, that I am about to reject, it isn’t so easy for […]
on demisexuals and “little strings”
I suppose this is in contrast to those that can sleep with “anyone.” Or are attracted to hot bodies in photos. Obviously there are plenty of folk that are visually stimulated.
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