On polyamorous relationships and polythinking (please don’t feel unwelcome if you are not interested in multiple romances, or even any romance at all…polyamorous advice/stories relate equally well to helping with multiple friendships and non romantic relationships)!

three shall be the number of thy counting
Life is best when it's two. So quoth the single and the attached. Marriage for two remains the goal, with its accompaniment of benefits and tax breaks. Restaurant specials are offered to Couples. The day to day conveniences of being in a Couple are supposedly all around us.
metamour is essentially the poly equivalent of an in-law: a brief(ish) analysis, a
So I hear today is National Metamour Day? What is a metamour, you ask? Well, actually it's pretty simple: A metamour is like an in-law.
it’s okay to Commit in polyamorous relationships
…it is, I swear. Commitment is such a strange word. Some of us are terrified of it. Some of us believe others are scared of it, or at least tell ourselves that. I keep seeing this idea that people are attracted to polyamory because they are “scared of commitment,” and yet others that proudly wear […]
things you might want to avoid saying to a polyamorous person (because they might respond honestly)
Unsuspecting Person:  “I could never do that.” Me (on a normal day): “Cool.” Me (on a bad day): “Yeah, I’n not surprised. You’d be lucky to manage to make one relationship work.” Me (on a worse day): “You sure that being single isn’t your thing?” UP: “But what do you do if you have kids?  […]
social distancing with your polycule
AKA, tips on how to maintain contact and connection long distance! Ah, love in the time of COVID-19! I love how polyamory allows one to freely love anyone, anywhere. Long distance? Why not? Of course we’d -generally- love to have our loved ones close to us (perhaps there is that special someone that you adore, […]
the hubris of monogamy
[Polyamory] forces us to contend with the hubris of monogamy, [a] false arrogance about who we are in a relationship that never has to be tested or contended with at all [in our] monogamous relationship. I cannot remember when or where I had this conversation with a friend of mine. Discussing, among other topics of […]
why it’s okay for polyamory to -sometimes- be about sex
Not only sex. But involving sex. “Polyamory isn’t about sex! It’s about love!” A common cry from the polyamorous communities. I completely understand where they are coming from, as well. People in poly relationships are sick of being told how their relationships are just about sex; that they can only have multiple sexual relationships; that […]
polyamory in casablanca (**yes, some spoilers**)
The atmosphere is perfect, if perfect exists. I’m sitting in my favorite restaurant in the world with -one- of my favorite persons in the world. Placing alternating morsels of exquisite sweet and savory foodstuffs (this date concoction is incredible!) into my mouth. Luxuriating in the gentle breeze of a fan. Behind me, plays one of […]
longevity isn’t always the goal
Someone claimed that there were no polyamorous relationships that lasted fifty years. Someone else said that was ridiculous.
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