On growing up as someone “different” than what she was supposed to be and how she grew to understand still different ways of living.  Belief that one should be treated, not as you want to be treated, but as they want to be treated, i.e. the Platinum Rule.

we remember feelings, not events
People don’t always remember what’s happened very well. History may be real, but how we recall it is...complicated. But, as I've spoken with people over time, I find we all remember how we felt with a person. Whether they made us feel good, stressed, jubilant, terrified. We remember the feelings.
“would you like a slice of pie?”
Lemon meringue. Pecan. Blueberry. Peach. Pear (is there pear pie?). Chess (yes, there's chess pie.). Mississippi Mud. Banoffee. Blackberry. Shoofly. Sugar, chiffon, custard, or sweet potato. Chicken pot pie.
fear of being you, the
“What about this theory: the fear of not being enough and the fear of being ‘too much’ are exactly the same fear. The fear of being you.” – Nayyirah Waheed As I sit and begin to wake up this morning (no, too early for me for coffee or any solid food), I come across this […]
i don’t hate you, i love you
hello, i asked you to go away today, because I love you i didn’t want to see you today, because I love you i collapsed in tears after you spoke to me, because I love you i suppose this is repetitive a broken record i will say this as many times as you need to […]
princess jasmine decides to not trust aladdin; a tale of risk tolerance
“Why don’t you just trust me?” Ah, why not? What’s the worst that could happen, right? But you are asking a paranoid, hedonistic kitten. You don’t want to know where her mind immediately is drawn towards, but it likely involves her untimely and unnecessarily graphic death. “But I just wanted you to come over and […]
ugly people aren’t broken or missing pieces
“A full person is always more than the sum of her parts and she is beautiful.” Someone wrote this on a piece I stumbled upon. I’ve seen the sentiment elsewhere, which is why this stuck with me. What a lovely thought. A full person, surrounded by friends, love, everything, is beautiful. She may not have […]
thank you for not abandoning me when i lied to you
I didn’t tell you the truth. Yes, I should have done so. I shouldn’t have wavered or stumbled over my meaning. I knew I should have done better. I should not have lied to people who mattered to me. I shouldn’t have lied to those who didn’t matter very much at all. I should not […]
“jenny’s wedding” & why i am not entirely happy about the legalization of same sex marriage
"What do I want? What does everyone want? To get married." This is Jenny's response to her father in Jenny's Wedding.
how kink changed my identity in ways vanilla life never did
I owe a lot to kink. Kink has not only helped me realize who I am… it forced me.  Sometimes it’s influence is the barest hint of a breath.  Sometimes it is a violent gale. The more I learned about my kinky self and the kinky world, the more I love and accept myself.  The […]
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