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my story of a kinky, romantic submissive’s journey to being owned is released on TUESDAY!
Where To Find It: Available on Kindle and Paperback. Only the price of a cup of coffee! And it opens up a world of true kink stories, from the perspective of kinksters (I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a 28yo billionaire try to ‘test my limits’, which apparently happens all the time […]
why you can’t make me jealous
If you flirt with another? I’ll happily curl up with you and chat with them about your new crush. If you play games, I’ll grow disinterested and wander off. If you, well, I don’t have the time to list everything you might do. But I’m sure there’s plenty of strategies. Perhaps you think it’ll make […]
me and queen elizabeth at twenty five
At the age Elizabeth became queen, I had just met my master. I did not know it at the time, though he claims he knew exactly what would soon unfold. Me? I stumbled into a whole mess- wonderful as the mess might have turned into- the way I usually lived my life. Of course, I'm grateful for this particular stumble.
sweet longings of a piesexual
Food. Sex. Sleep. We all have our basic needs in our own Maslow’s pyramids. Mine happen to be food, sex, and sleep. In that order. If you try to have intimate relations with me, without properly satisfying my first requirement, prepare for the kitty to meowl at you. But I don’t know what to get […]
if you seduce me under false pretenses, why, i’m so sorry you troubled yourself
If you seduce me under false pretenses, Tell me sweet nothings Hold me through the night Whisper, I love you Play games with me (but only the fun kind) Spend time with me, walk with me And then, after two weeks, three months, or ten years, to jump out from behind your mask, shouting, “Hah, […]
sometimes, it’s not even about the crisis
My friend shared a story today. She’s an emotional person, empathetic, thinks with her heart. Also happens to be a hard skills, no nonsense, get the job done career woman. But– she has a soft spot within a relatively hard exterior. Like a caramel M&M. She just pulled over, in her car, today. And she […]
echoism: the quiet sibling of narcissism
A brief definition of the word… Experiencing echoism in my own life… I became intrigued at the idea, as I like learning about new ideas. This one struck me in particular– my munchkins being raised by a narcissist, I wanted as much knowledge as possible to help them in the future, should they need a […]
my scars are my erogenous zone
Some women see their scars as flaws. Some accept them as a part of life. I…love my scars. They are memories drawn on my skin. I have, in fact, a soft spot for the differences that are my scars. Because you may not realize this little known fact about scars, but at least in my […]
i might be mary poppins
I am not perfect, by any means. But when I strain my recollection, as far back as I can remember, I cannot isolate a single incident of ever wanting to be anyone but me. I’ve never watched a romantic comedy and thought anything but, “That was fun, but thank God I’m not that person. I […]
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