On the meaning of Life & Love, or “Why is Romance the Only Thing That Matters When We’re So Bad At It?,” “Maybe We Should Try To Be Less Bad At It?,” “Why Don’t Friendships Count as Relationships,” & Other Relationship Related Questions

let’s get married, because i want a big party
Dear future wife or husband, I want the party. It’s not about starting the rest of our lives together. We’re doing that right now. Every day is the rest of our lives together. Our lives aren’t going to start after the wedding. I’m not waiting until then. I want our lives starting together NOW. Not […]
i spent my twenties finding me
Some might say I wasted that decade. Threw my twenties away. They might be right– — but they might be wrong. If I could pass on a single life lesson to anyone, it would be this: Whoever you are, wherever you are, please put aside that time to find yourself. Because happiness is tricky. Everyone’s […]
when I put a whole raw chicken into the oven, my chocolate chip cookies came out tasting funny
What would happen if People Treated Baking Cookies like they do Relationships?
three shall be the number of thy counting
Life is best when it's two. So quoth the single and the attached. Marriage for two remains the goal, with its accompaniment of benefits and tax breaks. Restaurant specials are offered to Couples. The day to day conveniences of being in a Couple are supposedly all around us.
consent is a conversation, or that time at the gas station my debit card got flagged for fraud
I tried to input my code. Thought I'd mistyped it. But, no, it just wouldn't work. Finally, I checked my phone, and, sure enough, I'd gotten an email asking me if the purchase had been me or fraud.
consent is not the same as enthusiastic consent
Look, not every decision in life must be embraced as if it were our heart's greatest desire. Consent is a part of our daily lives; we'd be exhausted if we threw ourselves into every single, microscopic decision...
real and fake benefits of monogamy and non monogamy
Fake Benefits of Non-Monogamy: 1) You will never be alone. 2) You will have constant, amazing threesomes. 3) Dating will be easier.
be with me
Be with me, I want you to be with me, hold me. Can you do that for me? Will you tell me who you are? Will you tell me what you want? What makes you happy? Has anyone asked you that before? I hope so. If not, tell me what makes you happy, Or tell […]
relationships are a marble statue, not an oak tree
Perhaps you met young. Childhood sweethearts. High school romance stayed sweet. Your relationship spans, well, practically an eternity when you compare it to your friends’ romances. You don’t remember what life was like before she came along. Which is all well and good. At some point, you felt pretty good about what you’ve got. You […]
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