“one twue wayism is the WORST….except when i think it’s fine.”

Tell me this never happened to you.

You’ve stumbled on the “One Twue Wayers are the worst ever” sentiment. Somewhere, sometime. If you’ve perused the void that is our social media/internet presence in the world. Fair point. It’s usually a way to put others down, rather than to build acceptance for your own choices.

But somehow, while it’s completely wrong to -ever- say someone can’t identify with a Label (even if it’s someone who lists themselves as monogamous with two different women, which fine, but don’t be surprised if labels are confusing nowadays), it’s completely acceptable to insist how someone must feel about a particular Behavior.

Relationships are HARD. Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

EVERYONE likes kissing! You’re WEIRD if you don’t think so!

What man wouldn’t love to go down on a woman, anytime, no excuses?

Wait, it’s okay to gatekeep behaviors now?

After we’ve supposedly learned the lesson of how to respect labels, we think it’s fine to broadly generalize on how to live a “proper” healthy, happy life?

“Everyone” doesn’t want anything. Yet I can barely go through a day without some assumption being made about how I must be as female, non binary, kinky, poly, submissive, etc.

We don’t all like kissing, oral, multiple romantic partners, chains, etc. Which doesn’t make anyone a bad person. It just means it’s not their deal.

If we’re going to say your label is valid, than your behaviors should be valid, too. Can we please stop making people feel bad for not doing things the way we do them?

Please, and thank you!

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