polyamory & ice cream

A conversation between myself and someone who doesn’t understand polyamory…

“What’s your favorite ice cream?”

“Uh, I guess cookies and cream. At least lately.”

“Okay, so you only want cookies and cream from now on?”

“Uh, no. What?”

“If you really like cookies and cream, you should only want 🍪 and🍦.”

“I’m sorry what? What if i feel like another flavor? There’s literally an infinite number of flavors.”

“But you need to show how much you love 🍪 and🍦. That’s real commitment. You can’t go trying other flavors.”

“Aren’t I supposed to believe that all kinds of ice cream are equally delicious and wonderful, though?”

“Yeah, but you’re not supposed to actually like them all. You’re just supposed to mean it theoretically. Like a normal person.”

“Fine. But I actually do mean it, and I don’t have the time to taste every single flavor, but I do want to try more than one flavor in my life.”

“Oh, you want to experiment with other flavors? You need variety?”

“No! I don’t ‘need variety.’ I just sometimes want other flavors. Like I always have, even before I grew fond of 🍪 and🍦. Because I’m actually sincere when I say ice cream is delicious, no matter what it’s made of.”

“That sounds very complicated.”


…polyamory in a nutshell 🙂

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