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An Overview of Scratch The Kitty

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Kitty’s Meowings! contain all original content: Musings are focused on learning & exploring various subjects: Adventures are her personal life in the kinky & poly worlds, or even just her life at home: and Dear Kitty is interactions with the outside world.

Kitty’s Diary is random thoughts that aren’t deserving of a whole post but give insights into her life, mind, fun facts, holiday announcements, etc. Can be viewed all at once, or entries by year.

Kitty About Town showcases guest bloggers and a calendar of her favorite events and poly/kink related holidays! Any vetted events will have a link to her review. Only events she finds safe and inclusive will be on the list, but there may well be good events that she has NOT come across, so if you know any great events, please do suggest them to her!

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My Page is just your profile page where you can edit your login information. This might be gamified this in the future, though!


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Meowings (original, full length writings) are posted every Sunday! but check whenever you like for random postings in Diary & Kitty About Town!