rubber duckies aren’t just for littles (& many more things that are for everyone!)

I’m casually scrolling through one of my favorite signs, and I see my friend, @-PageTurner- wrote a piece entitled,” What Is Rubber Ducking & Why Is It Helpful?” And my favorite bit is how talking to rubber ducks is just something nice that a person can do, not just a helpful tool for developers who use this technique to debug problems. Or anything, really, that is an inanimate object. Without any judgement in response. And I wanted to take it one step further. Because doesn’t this just seem like the kind of thing for a little?

After all, that’s what a little likes. Stuffed animals, coloring books, taking a bath. Just to name a very short list of what it means to be a little. And, sure, your typical little will want all of that. But, you see, I like those things, too…and I am not a little.

Maybe rubber duckies aren’t just for littles?

I remember the first time I took a stuffed animal out, in public, among the vanillas. I called it a “mascot,” and everybody therefore accepted it. But what struck me was just how much everyone did love it. They didn’t need any identity to appreciate the joy of playing with a stuffed animal. Putting it on their hands. Taking selfies with it. Whatever. The point is we had fun.

Now, I don’t judge anyone who does like stuffed animals and wants the identity. I am simply stating that it isn’t necessary to use it as a cover. That if that’s who you are, cool, but if it’s not? You can still have all the fun that a little has…with or without the label. I do– and if I can do it, anyone can. If they want.

Bottoms can play with crops. Tops can get tied up. Masters can snuggle with their favorite teddy bear (which is often their sub!)

Sure, you might occasionally run into ignorant criticism. “Aren’t you just topping from the bottom?” they helpfully point out to the submissive. As if it were a bad thing, if s/he were dabbling in that terrible behavior. But sometimes- and this doesn’t invalidate the other behavior in the least- sometimes it’s not even topping from the bottom. It’s just doing a thing that feels fun in the moment. And that’s okay, too.

So, don’t worry if you possess the correct label to allow you to enjoy a specific kind of play or toy. Because while different kinds of people do often generally fall into different descriptions and check off the usual boxes, that doesn’t limit those acts, toys, and behaviors to only that one category or label. That is, yes, a submissive who likes to color and wear onesies usually is a form of little. But that doesn’t mean everyone who likes to color or wear onesies is a little. And if you are curious, well, the easiest way to find out which of the two they are is to ask! Or maybe they will give an even more unexpected answer.

…hope this all is relatable to you littles and caregivers of littles!

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