only thing that matters, the

“focus on the feeling,” his voice is smooth, low,

there are a lot of problems

but they don’t exist now.

“The only thing that matters is the feeling,” his fingers brush over the silkiness that is my body, swelling curves, gently emanating heat.

it’s true. this is all that matters, now and always.

all the many moments like this. just him and me. holding me, curled up in his arms. warm, safe, loved. nothing breaking the silence, except our breathing and his gentle words that reassure.

“don’t say anything, just feel my hand. how does this feel?” his fingers are rough, but what I feel is ever so smooth as I breath with the rhythm of his movements.

how long this lasts, I don’t know. this is how I stay, for as long as I’m allowed or as long as I can manage. fitting perfectly, like a puzzle piece. I am not a puzzle piece, but I somehow fill all the hard parts of Him with my own softness.

this isn’t all i want,

-except for right now it is-

but it’s all I need.

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